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Some feedback from the facebook page.
Feedback from the illegal streaming, members loving it !

Clive Glass
Much appreciated ⚽️

Keith Robertson
Cheers for the stream 👍

Colin James Mackenzie
Thanks for the stream 👍

Wendy Glendinning
Thank you for tonight`s stream, very much appreciated.

Mary Robertson
Thanks for the stream.

John Lonnie
Thanks for tonights stream 👍🏻

Andy Spence
Thanks for the stream tonight

William Thorburn
Doing a grand job.

Stewart Taylor
Thanks for the stream tonight. 🇱🇻🇱🇻🇱🇻

Sandra Keith
Thanks for the stream x

Derek Pender
Alan Pender

Ben Fazakerley
Thank you for streaming these games mate

Thomas Hume
Cheers for tonight.

Gogs Harrison
Cheers decent tonight

Shiel Campbell
Thanks again buddy

Paul Copland
Thanks mate great job

John Walls
Thanks 😉❤️⚽️

Alan Duncan
John Walls what was the result

John Walls
Alan Duncan 2 0 hearts