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The Hertzstream facebook group is clearly setup to pirate streams from away Clubs.

Nobody seems interested or want to do anything about it, it has been going on for over 6 months.

Home clubs are losing revenue !

It is clear that these facebook users are doing this when Hearts are playing away from home.

Therefore on the 28th August Hearts are away to Dundee United and hence you can watch the Dundee United game illegaly through the Hertzstream Facebook group.

PLEASE NOTE: this website has nothing to do with the Hertzstream Facebook page.

Broughton One JOINERY & BUILDING are covering the next 5 pirate streams from the Hertzstream Facebook page. A very dangerous game to play by a professional looking company. The information has been passed to the SPFL.

Quote from the `herzstream facebook` page thanking the Broughton One Joinery company for sponsoring the pirating of streams for 5 games. The SFA are clearly condoning this as they are sitting about doing nothing and sweeping this under the carpet.

I would like to thank BroughtonOne JOINERY & BUILDING for covering the next 5 streams.
These guys are different class.
Great bunch of hard-working men, and take pride in the work they carry-out.
Thanks alot chaps.